Issue 1, 2016 year

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Literary Studies
1 Indian text written by women in its German and Serbian versions (on the basis of Alma Karlin’s and Jelena Dimitrijević’s travelogues)
Bodrova Anna G.
2 Jane Eyre in the Bluebeard’s Castle: The folktale plot in Ch. Brontë’s novel
Vasileva Elmira V. (SPSU, Russia)
3 The Border of the Text in the Autonomous Novels by William Golding
Islamova Alla K. (SPSU, Russia)
4 Literary Ideals and the Absurdity of Reality as a Test of a Person’s Spiritual Foundations in the Story “The Pain" by V.T. Shalamov
Starikova Lyudmila S. (KemSU, Russia)
5 Gender Variation of Indeclinable Nouns in Dictionaries
Baranova Anna S. (Novosibirsk State Pedagogical Univ., Russia)
6 The First French Grammar Manual in Russian (1752): On the Principles of Translation of Vassily Teplov
Kareva Natalia V. (Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS, Russia), Sergeev Mixail L. (SPSU, Russia)
7 The Role of the Church Slavonic Tradition in the Russian Legal Vocabulary
Karpenko Liudmila B. (Samara State Univ., Russia)
8 Unofficial Name-List of the Urban Residents of the Belorussian Lake District in the Areal Aspect
Lisova Inna A. (Vitebsk State Univ., Belarus)
9 From Locative Construction to Relative Time: On a Strategy of Grammaticalisation in South Mande
Perekhvalskaya Elena V. (Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS, Russia)
10 The Scenic Present (Praesens Scaenicum) as One of the Functions of the Present Tense Form
Rönkä Risto (School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies, Univ. of Tampere, Finland) )
11 Research on Operating Norms Governing Translation on the Basis of Russian-Chinese Corpora — with a Case of чтобы Clauses in Russian
Tao Yuan (Shaanxi Normal Univ., China), Jiang Zhan-hao (Xi’an International Studies Univ., China)
12 Manipulation and Conviction as Subtypes of the Category of Influence (Based on the British Political Discourse)
Teneva Ekaterina V. (SPSU, Russia)
13 The Internet Blog as a Genre in Pedagogical Discourse
Bazhalkina Natalia S. (Moscow State Regional Univ., Russia)
Reviews and Chronicles
14 Review of the 18th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics
Zheltova Elena V. (SPSU, Russia)
15 N.A. Bondarko. Nemeckaja duxovnaja proza XIII–XV vekov. Jazyk. Tradicija. Tekst
Kleiner Yuri A. (SPSU, Russia), Piotrowsky Dmitry D. (Pavlov First SPSMU, Russia)
16 Review of the Book Servius. Commentaire sur l’Énéide de Virgile, livre VI / texte établi, traduit et commenté par Emmanuelle Jeunet-Mancy
Kazanskaya Maria N. (SPSU, Russia)
17 The International Conference “Classical Tradition and Non-classical Literature in the History of Russian Culture”
Novikov Aleksandr V. (Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Munich, Germany)
18 Report on the International Archival Convention “The State and the Outlook of Archival Glagolitic Heritage”
Sobolev Andrey N. (SPbSU, ILS RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
In memoriam
19 Tatiana Mikhailovna Nikolaeva (1933 – 2015)
Svetosarova Natalia D. (SPSU, Russia), Volskaya Nina B. (SPSU, Russia), Skrelin Pavel A. (SPSU, Russia)