Issue 1, 2017 year

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Literary Studies
1 Women as Teachers, Artists, Students vs. “Beautiful Female Dead Body” (Female Roles in Th. Fontane’s “Effi Briest” and R.W. Fassbinder’s Screen Version)
Eliseeva Alexandra V. (SPbSU, Russia)
2 Unreliable Narration in W. Golding’s Novel “Rites of Passage”
Lastochkina Anna S. (SPbSU, Russia)
in progress
3 Dynamics in Development of the Title as a Paratextual Element (Based on German Travel Literature of 18th and 19th Century)
Moreva Anastasia V. (TSU, Tomsk, Russia)
4 From the Romantic to Hilarious: Pretext Alterations in A Legend of the Rhine by William Thackeray
Tuliakova Natalia A. (HSE, St. Petersburg, Russia)
5 “We Are Returning to the Poet His House ...” (On the Correspondence of V. E. Evgenyev-Maksimov with O. V. Lohman. From the Collection of the Manuscript Department of the Pushkin House (Pushkinsky Dom), Russian Academy of Sciences)
Shashkova Ekaterina V. (MRCAQ «College of Engineering and Metal Working», St. Petersburg, Russia)
6 Lexical Aspects in Modern Russian: Subcategorization and Formal Manifestation
Klimonov Vladimir D. (Humboldt Univ., Berlin, Germany)
7 Sound Contraction at Word Boundaries in Spontaneous and Read-Aloud Speech: Evidence from Russian
Nigmatulina Yuliya O. (SPbSU, Russia)
8 On a Paradox Revealed by Yu. S. Maslov
Samedova Nezrin G. (Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku, Azerbaijan)
9 The Short-Form Active Participles in the Function of Secondary Predicates in the Translated Hagiographical Text (A Case Study of the Russian Copies of “The Life of St. Nicholas of Myra”)
Sharikhina Miliausha G. (SPbSU, ILS RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
10 Interpretation of the Notion of Dominant in Text Linguistics and Translation Studies
Shutemova Natalia V. (PSU, Perm, Russia)
11 “Young People of Harbin Require Our Support, We’re on the Right Track…” (From Unpublished Heritage of Russian Journalism)
Babkina Ekaterina S. (PNU, Khabarovsk, Russia)
12 45th International Philological Conference, 2016, March 14–21, St. Petersburg, Russia
Editorial Board
13 [Rev.]: Phenomenology, History, and Anthropology of Travel in German and English edited by Larissa Polubojarinova, Marion Kobelt-Groch, Olga Kulishkina. Kiel: Solivagus, 2015. 584 p. (Phänomenologie, Geschichte und Anthropologie des Reisens / Hrsg. von Larissa Polubojarinova, Marion Kobelt-Groch, Olga Kulishkina. Kiel: Solivagus, 2015. 584 S.)
Andreyushkina Tatiana N. (TSU, Togliatti, Russia)
14 [Rev.]: Literary Life in The Second Half of the 18th Century Through the Prism of Rhetoric (Avtukhovich T. E. Ritorika. Zhizn’. Literatura: Issledovaniia po istorii russkoi literatury XVIII veka [Rhetoric. Life. Literature: Studies in the History of Russian Literature of the 18th Century]. Minsk, Limarius Publ., 2015. 416 p.
Kretova Evgenia D. (SPbSU, Russia)
15 [Rev.]: Krys’ko V. B., Ladyzhenskii, I. M., Mezhikovskaia, T. I. (eds.). Il'ina kniga (XI v.): Issledovaniia. Ukazateli [Elijah’s Book (11th century): Studies. Indexes]. Moscow, OOO «Izdatel'skii tsentr “Azbukovnik”», 2015. 288 p.
Popov Mikhail B. (SPbSU, Russia)