Units of the Special Category in French Correct Economic Discourse

The article focuses on the units of correct economic discourse which is a type of unique and standardized discourse, the distinctive feature of which is a special discourse technique used in scientific and popular articles of the French periodicals on economic issues. Cognitive-discursive approach to the popular science text allows us to characterize it as a special type of text information verbalized undergoing cognitive processing. Therefore, special attention is paid to the study of informational content of lexical units, among which the main place belongs to the terms of the economy. Selection of specific items made according to three criteria: thematic, formal and pragmatic. Among the category of units presented in this article, are opposed to the two classes of units: terminological unit having denotative meaning and objectifying scientific concepts at different levels of categorization and general units with connotative meaning. Terminological unit is regarded as a special cognitive-information structure, which accumulates expressed in a particular linguistic form of professional scientific knowledge. The article explores the use of metaphors, metonymy and phraseological units. If we deal with metaphors, there is a creation of the metaphor integrative concept, which is the result of a combination of primary entities in one denotative whole and has its own special denotation that is not identical to the referent combined components. Metonymy objectifies the result of rigorous multistage logical procedures. Phraseological units are the product of associative thinking, the ability to relate mono-categorical and different-сategorical essences. The interaction of two types of language units makes scientific knowledge more accessible and easily digestible, complements the overall picture of knowledge, and creates an integral picture of the world economy. The use of various linguistic mechanisms allows us to present the implicit meaning of the economic concept and promotes the popularization of economic information.

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