Balashova Yulia Borisovna (Russia)

Doctor of Philology, Professor, St. Petersburg State University
Editorial Board Member, Editor of Journalism Section
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1997 — graduated in Russian philology from St. Petersburg State University;

2006 – Candidate of Philology; title of candidate thesis: “Journalism school at the early XX century as a form of social and cultural activities”;

2011 — Doctor of Philology; title of doctoral thesis: “Evolution and Poetics of the Russian Anthology as a Publication”



Research interest: philology, humanities and social sciences, interdisciplinary research. Author of scholarly works on the history of journalism and literature, pedagogy in journalism, science journalism.

The most recent notable works include:


1. Balashova Yu. B. Shkol'naia zhurnalistika Serebrianogo veka [Journalism School of the Silver Age]. St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Univ. Publ., 2007, 114 p.

2. Balashova Yu. B. Evoliutsiia i poetika literaturnogo al'manakha kak izdaniia perekhodnogo tipa [Evolution and poetics of literary almanac as a publication of intermediate type]. St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Univ. Publ., 2011, 363 p.


3. Balashova Yu. B. Genezis al'manakha (kalendarnaia semantika) [Genesis of almanac: Calendar semantics]. Izvestia of the Ural State University. Series 1. Issues in Education, Science and Culture, 2009, no. 1 / 2, pp. 161 – 166.

4. Balashova Yu. B. Al'manakh kak izdanie perekhodnogo tipa (kul'turnaia marginal'nost') [Almanac as a publication of intermediate type: Cultural marginality] // Vestnik Universiteta Rossiiskoi akademii obrazovaniia, 2009, no.1, pp. 36 – 39.

5. Balashova Yu. B. Al'manakh v sisteme periodiki (korreliatsiia s osnovnymi tipami periodicheskoi pechati) [Almanac in the system of periodical press: Correlation with the main types of periodical press]. Izvestia of the Ural State University. Series 1. Issues in Education, Science and Culture, 2009, no. 3, pp. 115 – 120.

6. Balashova Yu. B. Literaturnyi al'manakh epokhi moderna (aksiologiia «vtorichnosti») [Literary almanac in the Modern epoch: Axiology of «being the second”]. In: Tsennosti zhurnalistiki i dostoinstvo zhurnalista (aksiologiia zhurnalistiki): Mat-ly Vseross. nauch.-praktich. konf. Fak-t zhurnalistiki SPbGU — The Values of Journalism and Dignity of a Journalist: The axiology of Journalism: Proceedings of Russian research-practical conference of the Faculty of Journalism, SPbU, St. Petersburg, 2010.

7. Balashova Yu. B. Formula publitsistichnosti al'manakha (ot «Mnemoziny» do «Metropolia») [Formula of publicist writing: from “Mnemozina” to “Metropol”]. Izvestia of the Ural Federal university. Series 1. Problems of education, science and culture, 2014, no. 1, pp.6 – 12.

8. Balashova Yu. B. Tema sud'by i sluchaia v tvorcheskoi evoliutsii M. Zoshchenko [The themes of fate and chance in writing evolution of M. Zoshchenko]. Izvestia of the Ural Federal university. Series 2. Humanities and Arts, 2014, no. 1, pp. 226 – 232.

9. Balashova Yu. B. La Première Guerre Mondiale sur les pages de la presse scolaire du début du XXe siècle. In: La Russie dans la Première Guerre Mondiale: documents d’archives, lettres, articles de presse, memoires, Saint-Pétersbourg, 2015.

10. Balashova Yu.B. Teaching the Сourse “History of Russian Literature” to Journalism Students: Theory and Poetics. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy. Vol. 6, No. 4, S.4 (2015). PP. 277 – 282.

11. Balashova Y.B. Literary specifics of the Russian media criticism. Russian Linguistic Bulletin. 2016. №1 (5). с. 30.

12. Balashova, Yu. B. Interdisciplinary Format of the New Master’s Program “Popular Science Journalism” at Saint Petersburg State University (Russia). American Journal of Applied Sciences. 2016. Volume 13. Issue 12. Pp. 1437 –  1441.

13. Balashova, Yu.B. The Scientific Enlightenment System in Russia in the Early Twentieth Century as a Model for Popularizing Science. International Journal of Environmental & Science Education. 2016. Volume 11. Issue 18. 2016. Pp. 11467 – 11476. 

Director of the master program “Popular science journalism”

She taught at the Western European and the USA universities.

Head of research projects supported by Russian and foreign scientific funds.