Korkonosenko Sergey Grigoryevich (Russia)

Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Head of the Department of Journalism Theory and Mass Communications, St. Petersburg State University
Editorial Board Member, Editor of Journalism Section
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1974 — graduated in Journalism from Leningrad State University

1977 — completed his doctoral studies, Faculty of Journalism, Leningrad State University

1979 — Candidate of History; title of candidate thesis: “Working and rural correspondents' movement as a form of democracy in the socialistic society”;

1993 — Doctor of Political Science; title of doctoral thesis: “Social functions of the press in the political life of modern Russian society”;

2011 — Head of the Department of Journalism Theory and Mass Communications, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, St. Petersburg State University.

The former Head of the Department of newspaper production and typography, media firm, Department of Soviet press, Department of sociology of journalism, Department of theory of journalism.


E-mail:   s.korkonosenko@spbu.ru


Author of over 350 scholarly publications on general theory of journalism, sociology of journalism, information law, political studies in journalism and pedagogy in journalism.

The most recent notable works include:

1. Korkonosenko S. G. Sotsial'noe upravlenie i pechat' [Social management and press]. Leningrad, 1989.

2. Korkonosenko S. G. Pechat', upravlenie i samoupravlenie [Press, management and self-government]. Tula, 1992.

3. Korkonosenko S. G. Prepodaem zhurnalistiku: Professional'noe i massovoe mediaobrazovanie [Teaching journalism: professional and mass education in mass media]. St. Petersburg, 2004.

4. Korkonosenko S. G. Aktual'nye problemy sovremennosti i zhurnalistika [Current issues of modern era and journalism]. Tol'iatti, 2009.

5. Korkonosenko S. G. Pravovoi status sredstv massovoi kommunikatsii [Legal status of mass media]. St. Petersburg, 2009.

6. Korkonosenko S. G. Teoriia zhurnalistiki: modelirovanie i primenenie [The Theory of journalism: modelling and application]. Moscow, 2010.

7. Korkonosenko S. G., Ruschin D. A. The Dynamics of the Influence of Russian Mass Media on Society and the Individual. In-depth Interviews with Media Expert. In: Feilitzen  C. von, Petrov P. (Eds.). Use and Views of Media in Sweden & Russia. A comparative study in St. Petersburg & Stockholm, Huddinge, Södertörns högskola Publ., 2011, pp. 201-248.

8. Korkonosenko S. G. (Ed.). Setevye SMI rossiiskogo megapolisa [Digital media of the Russian megalopolis]. St. Petersburg, 2011.

9. Korkonosenko S. G., Kudryavtseva M. E., Slutsky P. A. Kommunikatsionnaia svoboda lichnosti: sub"ekty i garantii [Communicative freedom of a person: subject and guarantees]. St. Petersburg, 2011.

10. Korkonosenko S. G. (Ed.). Sovremennyi rossiiskii mediapolis [Modern Russian mediapolis]. St. Petersburg, 2012.

11. Korkonosenko S. G. (Ed.). Teorii zhurnalistiki v Rossii: zarozhdenie i razvitie [The theories of journalism in Russia: origin and development]. St. Petersburg, 2014.

12. Korkonosenko S. G. Teόria žurnalistiky pre žurnalistickú prax. Praha, Žilina, 2014.


 Honoured with a number of awards, including the Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education of the Russian Federation; the Award of Teaching Art by St. Petersburg State University. Collaborates with a number of academic journals, an author and a member of the editorial board of the following journals: Information for All, Theories and Issues of Political Studies, Emphasis, Mediascope, Russian Journal of Communication, Media and Mass Communication , Journalism and Mass Communication etc. Author and leader of team of contributors student`s books and study guides approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education, Education and Methodological Associations of the Russian Federation: Fundamentals of Creative Activities of Journalists, Fundamentals of Journalism, Sociology of Journalism, Introduction into Journalism, Fundamentals of Journalistic Activities, Political Journalism. Visiting Professor, Pan-European University, Bratislava, Slovakia.