Sobolev Andrey Nikolaevich (Russia)

Doctor of Philology, Dr. habil., Professor, St. Petersburg State University, Leading Senior Researcher, Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Editorial Board Member, Editor of Linguistics Section
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1987 — graduated in Serbo-Croatian language and literature from the Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg State University;

1990 — completed doctoral studies, Institute for Linguistic Studies, Academy of Sciences of USSR (Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS);

1990 — started work at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Academy of Sciences of USSR (Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS); since 1998 — lead researcher;

1991 — Candidate of Philology; title of candidate thesis: “On the history of destruction of the Balkan and Slavonic noun declension”;

1997 — defended thesis “Sprachatlas Ostserbiens und Westbulgariens”; received degree of doctor habilitatus and venia legendi in Balkan linguistics and South Slavonic linguistics, freelance university lecturer, University of Marburg, Germany;

1998 —Doctor of Philology; re-attestation of the degree received in Germany;

2003 — Аußerplanmäßiger Professor, University of Marburg, Germany;

2006 — venia legendi in Slavonic linguistics;

2007 — Professor, Department of General Linguistics; St. Petersburg State University.

2015 — Professor, Department of Slavonic philology, St. Petersburg State University.






Author of scholarly publications on the Balkan linguistics, Slavonic comparative and historical linguistics, contrastive and synchronic  and descriptive linguistics,  Russian studies and  Old Russian studies, Old Slavonic studies, dialectology and linguistic geography, ethnolinguistics, history of the languages and cultures of the southeast Europe.

The most recent notable works include:

1. Sobolev A. N. Malyi dialektologicheskii atlas balkanskikh iazykov [The small dialect atlas of the Balkan languages]. München, St. Peterburg, Verlag Otto Sagner, Nauka, 2003—2013.

2. Sobolev A. N. Osnovy lingvokul'turnoi antropogeografii Balkanskogo poluostrova. Tom I. Homo balcanicus i ego prostranstvo [The basics of linguistic and cultural anthropogeography of the Balkan Peninsula. Vol. I. Homo balcanicus and their space]. St. Petersburg, 2013.

3. Sobolev A. N., Novik A. A. (Eds.). Golo Bordo (Gollobordë), Albaniia. Iz materialov balkanskoi ekspeditsii RAN i SPbGU 2008–2010 gg. [Gollobordë, Albania. From the materials of the Balkan expedition of the RAS and SPbU in 2008-2010]. St. Petersburg, München, 2013.



Award Winner of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, the Heisenberg programme of the German Research Foundation, the Russian Federation Presidential Prize. Visiting Professor, University of Munich, Germany; University of Jena, Germany; University of Salzburg, Austria; Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. Visiting researcher, National Centre for Scientific Research-CNRS, Paris, France; University of Surrey, Guildford, Great Britain; Austrian Institute of East and Southeast European Studies, Vienna, Austria; institutes of the Academy of Sciences in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania. Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Balkan Linguistics, International Committe of Slavists. Member of the editorial board of Јужнословенски филолог, Belgrad, Serbia (till 2014); Rasprave: Časopis Instituta za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb, Croatia (since 2014); Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne, Poland (since 2013). Head of research projects of the German research society, the international research project “Small dialectic atlas of the Balkan languages”; Russian Scientific Foundation, Russian Foundation for Humanities and programmes of the Preasidium of the RAS. Expert, group “History and Philology”, Research Counsil, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Member of the International Association of Linguistic Typology (ALT).