Bukharkin Petr Evgenyevich (Russia)

Doctor of Philology, Professor, St. Petersburg State University
Editorial Board Member, Editor of Reviews and Chronicles Section
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Doctor of Philology, Professor, Department of History of Russian Literature, Faculty of Philology, St Petersburg University. Date of birth: October 17, 1955. In 1978, graduated from the Faculty of Philology at Leningrad State University. Since 1981, after post-graduate studies, work at the Department of History of Russian Literature (since 1998, Professor).

Research interests: history of Russian literature in XVII-XX centuries, theory of literature, historical poetics, rhetoric, history of the Russian literary language, history of culture. Author of over 150 research papers, among them 7 books. Many articles have been published in the world’s leading journals on Slavic studies:  “XVIII vek”, “Acta linguisica petropolitana”, “Peterburgsky sbornik”, “Russkaya literature”, “Zeitschrift für Slavistic”, “Russian Literature”, “Russian Linguistics”.   Editor of a number of encyclopedias,  collections and monographs, including international publications. International cooperation: visiting professor at a number of universities in Germany (Rostock, 1986–1988; Göttingen, 1994) and USA (Lawrence, Kansas, 2001–2002).

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Delivered reports and lectures at the universities in Austria, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Ukraine, Slovakia, and USA. Engaged in the international projects, a head of some of them. Supported by the Federal Target Program “Integration of research and higher education in Russia in 2002-2006”; AVTsP “Development of the potential of higher education”, 2008 – 2010; RGNF and RFFI; Ad Infinitum Foundation; “Alfred Krupp Wissenschaftkolleg Greifswald Fellowships”;  DFG;  “The Fulbright Program”; “Russian World”; research funds at SPbU (editorial calendar). Currently, a head of the RGNF grant (project № 12-04-00109а “Research on  M.V. Lomonosov’s works on rhetoric: Linguistic, historical and cultural aspects”) and “Research on the Russian literary culture in  XVIII century in the context of rhetoric tradition” (editorial calendar of the fundamental research works in SPbU in 2012-2014). Engaged in RGNF grant 14-04-00438 “Development of meta-language for a dictionary of a new type (“Dictionary of M.V. Lomonosov’s language”): Theoretical and applied aspects” and international project “Epochenumbruch. Von der Aufklärung zur Romantik im Russischen Reich” (supported by “Alfred Krupp Wissenschaftkolleg Greifswald Fellowships”).

Petr E. Bukharkin collaborates with the Russian Academy of Sciences: Institute for Linguistic Studies, Instotute of the Russian Literature (The Pushkin House). In 2005-2013, a member of the Editorial Board of “Vestnik of SPbU” (Series 9. Philology. Oriental Studies. Journalism); currently,  a member of the Editorial Board of “Khristianskoe Chtenie” and Dictionary of M.V. Lomonosov’s language; Editor-in-Chief of “Literaturnaya Kultura Rossii in XVIII”. 

A member of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.