The Short-Form Active Participles in the Function of Secondary Predicates in the Translated Hagiographical Text (A Case Study of the Russian Copies of “The Life of St. Nicholas of Myra”)

The paper studies the patterns of use of the participle in the function of the secondary predicate in the translated work from the era of the second South Slavic Influence. Comparison of these patterns with medieval East Slavic narrative genres allowed to reveal commonalities of their implementation.

Genre Issues in Translation Studies

Genre issues have been addressed in Translation Studies prevalently within the framework of systemic functional linguistics. Theoretical research by B. Hatim and I. Mason (1990) and J. House (1997) are based on the model of speech variation as presented in M. A. K. Halliday and J. Martin, building a link between linguistic, situational and social contexts. Both research have functional linguistic basis and include genre as a higher-level semiotic category. However, similar theoretical treatment of genre results in opposite approaches to the analysis of particular examples. B. Hatim and I.

The First French Grammar Manual in Russian (1752): On the Principles of Translation of Vassily Teplov

The paper concerns our study of the first French grammar manual printed in Russia: “New French Grammar” (Saint-Petersburg, 1752)  by Vassily Teplov. This manual is a translation of anonymous “Neue und vollständige Französische Grammatik” (Mainz und Frankfurt-am-Main, 1749). Teplov’s translation appears to be an important source of early Russian grammatical terminology developed in the classes of Russian and foreign languages at the Academic gymnasium in Saint-Petersburg.

Presentation of terminology equivalence in descriptive terminography (experience of working on “Education and Academic Management in SPbU” Russian-English glossary)

The article discusses the descriptive approach to presentation of terminology equivalents in bilingual glossaries. The work is based on the experience of “Education and Academic Management in SPbU” Glossary compilation. The key features of non-harmonised and language-specific terminology systems are discussed. Th e harmonisation of terms and concepts within such systems is claimed to be a largely non-linguistic task requiring both political and legislative efforts to standardise the systems in question.

Phonographic Stylization of Baby Talk in Translation

This paper discusses phonographic stylization of baby talk in translation. The author focuses on functions of phonographic stylization of infant-directed talk and secondary baby talk and analyses different translation techniques of controversial passages.

To the issue of intertextuality translation in the contemporary Russian poetry: A case study of the French translation of Lev Rubinshtein's "Music-Making at Home", 1986

This report studies the problem of the French translation of a text belonging to the Russian "contemporary" poetry where intertextual playing is obvious and it is a basis for the sense system. The translator's objective is to find French equivalents for the "substandard" citations of classical Russian poems that make up the matter of that "home music" in the context of the "big Soviet communal apartment" of the later period. This purposeful substandardisation contains the hidden historical and political sense of Lev Rubinshtein's text.

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