Translation Studies

Interpretation of the Notion of Dominant in Text Linguistics and Translation Studies

The author analyses how the notion of dominant, efficiently used in science to investigate the main properties of an object, is regarded in text linguistics and translation studies. The article covers the approaches to this notion and its interpretation in Russian formalism, functional linguistics, psycholinguistics in connection with such phenomena as text functions, structure, properties, sense. The author shows the development of this interpretation in general and special theories of translation.

The Origins and Development of Translation Studies 1975-2016

This essay traces the origins of Translation Studies from the early meetings of the Leuven group in the 1970s to the present, showing how from humble beginnings the field has become a world-wide phenomenon. Through the decades since the term ‘Translation Studies’ was first coined by James Holmes, there has been a shift of emphasis away from a narrowly defined linguistic notion of translation to the present conception of translation as an intercultural exchange.

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